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50 Million Letter Drive !!! - Winter & Spring 2023 !!!

The following links will open in a new tab. Underneath each link is a detailed description of the link — so you’ll know where we are sending you!

Takes you to the US governor’s website where you can find your local governor’s contact information.

Takes you to the US House of Representatives website where you can find your local US House of Representative’s contact information.
Takes you to the US Senate’s website where you can find your local Senator’s contact information.
Takes you to the website which provides you an email link to the President as well as instructions for sending a printed letter to the President.
Takes you to which provides helpful tips and a step-by-step guide on how to write a letter or blog post in the fight to stop animal abuse.
Takes you to the’s Guide to Letter Writing page which can help you in crafting your letters to government officials, local and national newspapers and magazines. (This link has some excellent suggestions, tips, and ideas for writing impactful letters.)
Takes you to the National Humane Education Society’s page for Examples of Action Letters pertaining to a number of animal causes.

50 Million Letter Drive !!! - Winter & Spring 2023 !!!



and Thank You Friends !!!

and we all know the animals would thank us as we use our voices to speak for them !!!


And now, right now… is the time to introduce all of us from all over the country, from every county of every state…  from sea to shining sea… to ask our elected officials to support our effort and move our grassroots movement forward and do what we need from them to accomplish our goal…  Ending all animal cruelty…




In early February I called New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s Office introducing our mission to her assistant… and all of a sudden she banned puppy mills within the year… and that’s just the beginning of what she is going to do for our amazing animals.  


With much appreciation we 1.2 Million Friends in New York State will not forget what Governor Hochu did…  and we look forward to working with her and every governor…


Please write your governor first…  then as many other politicians as you can…

After writing your state governor write your elected Senate and House of Representatives Members, Lieutenant Governors.  Local Mayors and City Council Members… Then the President and Vice President…  Write to everyone you think important to lead to our goal to end animal cruelty…


It is imperative they start helping us with their voices and votes to end all animal cruelty in our country. The importance of this letter writing campaign is incalculable for the success of our colossal mission to end the misery of our beloved animals…


Again, for right now, let’s concentrate on our governors…  then contact everyone else…


I have reduced the multiple form letters to one in WORD and PDF formats…

and names and addresses are easy to find on this page.

For right now, 50 MILLION LETTERS to start ending animal cruelty.


There is much power and persuasion in numbers, and we need to inundate ALL our elected officials

with what we want done and what they need to do to make it happen.


Please send as many letters as you can.

I also hope you will ask your family and friends, ask everyone to join you… and us.


You can copy and paste the letter as is…  or make your letters from the heart so it is “your” letter…

but please do not make it political… Please do not misrepresent our Animal Charity and our mission to end animal cruelty


Remember that animal cruelty has no political party.  They just want to live in peace… As well they should…


We all, together, are going to change what is happening to our beloved animals!